More success for you and your team.

bluepinion is CRM and management information system in one. It is designed for you and your team. We have designed it in order to network information from all of your company and service areas. This is more effective than the very average sales pipeline applications. In figures: more clients and higher sales. No matter whether sales or client project: Your team turns out to be more successful. Just like you.


Save a full working day per month.

Per person. That's about 20 minutes a day. That’s what bluepinion contributes. Minimum.

Quality / Projects

Your clients will love you.

You are excellent in what you do. But do your clients experience that? Most probably insufficiently. Improve your clients value perception by bluepinion. And earn more. Stay fully informed about all areas of your operations. Transform your service from a commodity into an outstanding and valuable experience. And give your customers a good feeling.


They will beat a path to your door.

Because they want the best. Services sell on an ongoing basis, not spontaneously and not all at once. That's why every contact with your client is a sales pitch. Expertise is one thing. But the more you know about the client and his projects, the more competent you come across. And the client’s willingness to buy increases!


Inside and outside.

bluepinion's efficiency reflects credibility to your management everyone. By transparency in reachability of your team members. And because tasks and processes are distributed and controlled in house efficiently. bluepinion also prompts you actively for necessities. The better you operate internally: the better you provide services for the clients.


Data privacy: tick it off.

The GDPR comes along with plenty of implications regarding daily work with data. Get it implemented smoothly with bluepinion. Just feel safe. In daily work, in networking, in selling your services. We make sure that your data - and in one that of your prospects and clients - is stored and used safely and in compliance with legislation.


Knowing who wants what.

bluepinion shows you on one click who has received which of your newsletters, who has opened which of them and who has reacted upon which topic. It provides you with even more sales-relevant information about your clients and prospects. From there it depends on you.


Becoming one of a kind.

It is not only the uniqueness of your creative ideas and campaigns that convert prospects into clients. These things are matters of course. It's rather the experience and recommendations of your existing clients that convert. They are stressing different aspects: Experience, cleverness, reachability and response time. It's what a potential client experiences with you. bluepinion turns you and your team into champs in these disciplines.

About us

infrastructurebox s.r.o. has been providing companies with server-based infrastructure and all the necessary services in the fields of CRM, data maintenance and data engineering since 2012.

We work closely with the other members of the co-operation platform Therefore, we can build upon a broad expertise in service optimization. That is why we have achieved an outstanding software and organizational solution, designed and engineered specifically for service providers: bluepinion.

In order to provide a maximum of competence and effect, bluepinion is implemented by two senior-level managers: Leopold Regner, senior advisor at infrastructurebox, and Rupert Müller-Hartburg, senior partner at Software development tasks are provided by our partner smartsourcepartners s.r.o.

The further development of bluepinion is driven in close cooperation with our customers and users, whereby we keep on focusing on the achievable optimization effect of each and every development step.

Let’s talk about your business and the optimization effects we can apply with bluepinion.

Leopold Regner

Leopold Regner

senior advisor


Rupert Müller-Hartburg

Rupert Müller-Hartburg

senior partner


About bluepinion

We have developed bluepinion in order to handle services more efficiently and in order to sell more services. And that's exactly what bluepinion does.

Services sell differently than industrial units. Their value for the customer arises abstractly in his highly personal perception and is influenced by numerous factors. They include trust, language and the belief in your professional competence.

All the more you as a service provider are required to provide a unique and positive customer experience. From first contact. And that’s what you use bluepinion for.

bluepinion enables the customized classification of people and organizations, the integration of your existing systems and processes, comes with a highly effective enterprise-wide task management, integrates telephony and email communication, makes reachability of your employees transparent, offers a process manager, a query manager, provides information feedback from your marketing activities and more.

We've implemented all that based on the entrepreneurial experience of auditors, tax consultants, agencies, marketing experts, software developers, IT service providers, and a consulting firm that has been specializing in optimizing service providers for decades.

Transparent information flows

whether in task management or in client communication – bluepinion provides you with the information you need to impress your clients.

Securely hosted

on your own infrastructure or on our high-security cluster, fulfilling all requirements of EU data protection laws.

All-embracing trainings & support

for a functioning and sustainable solution, which grows with your needs and fits.

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